How often do you pass up buying something for yourself because you feel "guilty" about spending money on something just for you? With Paparazzi Jewelry you don't have to feel guilty! It's so affordable, you can't afford not too! Women have a right to feel beautiful and with Paparazzi Jewelry, we make that possible without all the guilt! 


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My Story

Six months after I joined Paparazzi, my Mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer and 6 months later, my Husband was diagnosed with cancer as well. It was at that time that I realized that my future was uncertain and there was a real possibility that we could lose 1/2 of our income if my Husband could no longer work or if, God forbid, I lost HIM! I had to do something to survive financially if something like that happened, so I bought a moving truck and converted it into a mobile boutique! This would allow me to keep my day job and I would also have my Paparazzi Jewelry sales to help compensate if I ever needed it to.

In December 2015, my mom lost her battle with cancer, and my Husband was fighting for his life. After a long and grueling battle, my Husband recovered and is now back to work and better than ever! 

My Paparazzi business has grown beyond what I ever could have imagined and it gets better every day. I've made lifelong friends, I have fun "working" my business and I know that in the future, if I ever need financial help, I have a sustainable business to rely on. Paparazzi did that for me and I know it can do that for you too!

About the Jewelry

Paparazzi Accessories is gorgeous, affordable fashion jewelry.  All of our jewelry is Lead & Nickel free, which means that it is comfortable, lightweight and unlikely to cause skin irritation (most jewelry allergies are because of the nickel found in the jewelry).  The styles are on trend with all the current fashions and is excellent quality! And the best part? Our adult jewelry line is only $5.00!! Paparazzi releases new jewelry every weekday, which means our inventory is constantly changing, so be sure to check back often for new styles and pieces you will love. Because our inventory is always changing, items will sell out quickly and they are not likely to come back so get your favorites while you can because next time you visit, they may be gone! 

Our jewelry may look like it cost a million bucks, but it IS costume jewelry. Our jewelry does not include precious or semi-precious metals or gemstones. When we mention gold, silver, emerald, diamond or other metals or gemstones, we are referring to color and style only. You can LOOK like a million bucks without breaking the bank!

Paparazzi is not just about Fun, affordable fashion. Paparazzi is about change! We change the way people look and how they feel. We change people's future and we change their lives. We build people's confidence and we build self-worth. Paparazzi is more than just fashion jewelry. Paparazzi changes lives.

While $5 jewelry may not change the world, we believe those who wear it will. ~Paparazzi