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I can't believe it has been over a year since my last post. Where has the time gone?! I have done many events with my mobile boutique and it's been a learning curve, to say the least. 
~I've learned how to set up the truck a bit more efficiently, although it still takes me a long time (just in a different way than my indoor setups).
~I've learned that because my displays & shelving are bolted down so everything stays in place, it's hard to get creative with my setup. I like to try different display options and sometimes that can be a challenge when things can't be moved. I have to be more creative in merchandising my PRODUCT with the I have to work with. Sometimes it feels like it always looks the same. It's not like setting up a booth where you can rearrange your tables and displays differently each time. 
~I've learned that the wind is STILL not my friend, even in a truck. Anything I put outside my truck will STILL blow over in the wind, so I've had to upgrade some of my displays to more heavy duty stuff.
~I've learned that gas is very expensive and you find that out quickly when the gas pump shuts off automatically at $95.00 and the gas attendant asks if you want him to keep filling it up! Lol!
~I've learned that no matter how many signs or banners you have outside, people STILL don't understand that they can come INSIDE to shop. Lots of people just peek in from the bottom of the steps and just keep walking. It's one of my biggest challenges.
~I've learned that having an air conditioner is a MUST...even in Oregon. It gets HOT inside that box!
~I've learned that there will be lots of challenges when parking a truck this size when attending events and to ALWAYS check ahead of time with the event coordinator to make sure you are on a level surface.
~I've learned that people will come in and tell you how much they love the truck and the concept of the truck, but will not always buy from you, and that's ok. They love the business model, and even if they aren't purchasing from you, they are intrigued by your business and they will tell their friends!
~I've learned that some events will cost more because of the size of the truck so I've had to pass on them, and some events offer a price break just to have me at their event! 
~I've learned that during the winter months when there are no outdoor events available to sell at, I can always do Facebook Live videos from inside the truck while the truck is parked at home. My customers love being able to shop from inside the truck that way! There's never a time when you CAN'T be selling your merchandise!

Having my Mobile Boutique has been so much fun over the past year and I can't wait to see where the next year takes me! I've included pictures of some different events I've done this past year. Enjoy!

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