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Well we finally have our Grand Opening under our belt now and Bedazzle Me Pretty Mobile Fashion Boutique is officially open for business! Our first time out went well for sales, but was really lacking in shoppers. Unfortunately, we were pretty rushed with the date of our opening because of the time it took to get everything finished. We had a paid event scheduled for the next weekend so we had only ONE date available! That left us less than 2 weeks to advertise and plan our celebration but that’s ok. For those that did stop and shop, it was a fun experience for them, everyone loved the truck and sales were still good!

Having a slow opening day was probably a blessing in disguise. It allowed us to get the truck set up and learn as we go, especially since it was our first time out with it. We had some downtime to be able to find things that worked well and find things we could improve on. I would much rather find these things out during a slow day than have something happen at a busy event. :) Now, we can look forward to our first event with the truck next weekend and be much more prepared!

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