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This weekend was my first event with my Paparazzi truck! I'm not gonna was kinda intimidating driving the truck and setting it all up by myself because my Husband has always been there to help, but I did it! This event has thrown just about everything imaginable at me. We battled all kinds of crazy weather over the weekend but still did really well! It started out ok and then for the better part of the Saturday we had a torrential downpour. You can see in the pictures that we had flooding. They had to bring in sandbags because the street flooded and Public Works had to come in to drain the lake in the parking lot! Then the sun came out for a little while and the wind picked up. The blue canopy in the second video took a tumble across the parking lot a few minutes after I recorded it! Oh yeah...and we can't forget about the thunder! Lol!

The weather on the second day was much more cooperative, however, the other outdoor vendor that was set up near me didn’t show up the second day so that left me & my truck all alone in a parking lot way away from all of the inside vendors and food court. The event coordinator decided to move me closer to the food vendors so I had to close up the truck in order to drive it around to my new spot. It wasn’t much better of a spot, but at least it didn’t look like I was just a truck parked in the parking lot all by itself! Sales were much slower on Sunday, but it was also Mother’s Day so I didn’t expect too much that day. Because it was slower, I was able to chat with people more as they came in to check it out and see what the truck was all about. I love seeing the look of amazement on their faces when they walk in and see what we’ve done with it! Makes me proud knowing that my Husband did such a fabulous job building it!

It was a wild weekend…especially for my first event, but all in all, everyone LOVED the truck and sales were great...despite the weather! Mother Nature can't stop me now! Lol!

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