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After the fabricator cancelled on us AGAIN, my Husband called another guy and he came out today to look at the truck and see if he could help us finish this job. He said he could definitely help us…for $1,300! We have no choice now but to pay to have someone else finish the job that our original fabricator did not complete. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you hire someone that doesn't have a shop to work out of and doesn't do this for a living. We are at the mercy of the weather and his work schedule. Finishing this job is not a priority to anyone else but us so we need to move on and find someone else to finish the job. Every day that passes is another day that we could be open for business. We have got to get this finished! I sure hope this new guy comes through for us. We are scheduled to drop the truck off with him next week and he said he could get it done in one weekend...not 2 months!

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