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Now that we have the truck back home, it’s time for us to start with the build-out. At the beginning of this adventure, my Husband was less than thrilled about putting any kind of money into this truck, let alone help me do the work. I’m not sure what changed, but he has been out there every day this week working on it! I’d like to say he’s helping me with it, but really it’s all HIM doing the work so far! He has installed the insulation and the new laminate floors already and he did it all on his own. It looks great so far! I’m so proud of the job he’s done on it.

Our next step is to have an electrician come out and give us a quote to install light fixtures, electrical outlets and wire it for electricity and a generator. I’m pretty sure this will be our next big expense next to the porch and the truck itself. Not sure how willing my Husband will be after we get the bill from the Electrician! Lol! We are expecting to meet with the Electrician this weekend so since that’s our next step, we will have to resume the build-out after that job is done. In the meantime, we will be watching lots of YouTube videos on how to install wall & ceiling panels!

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