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After many months of convincing (or so I thought), I got my Husband to agree to go with me to look at a couple of box trucks for sale. They were about 2 hours away from our house so I was surprised he even agreed to go. They were a little more expensive than we wanted to spend, but in our area, this type of truck is not ripe for the choosing so people can get away with asking more for them. Go to the East Coast and they are a dime a dozen! I could get a great truck for cheap if I was in Florida! Lol!

​It was a Saturday afternoon, and we had 2 trucks to look at in that area. I was excited to finally be seeing one in person. It gave me a glimmer of hope that this could actually happen. Could one of these trucks be THE one?

We stopped to look at the first truck, and it.was.rough. The inside of the cab was torn up, the box was dirty and gross inside and the guy really didn't know much about the truck. It was an easy pass, although my shot at one of these 2 trucks being 'the one" just got cut in half.

We preceded to the car lot where the other truck was (the 1st one was a private owner). After the sales guy finally figured out which truck it was we were there to see, he found it on the lot. It was wedged between a metal fence and a building with building materials piled behind it and a very TIGHT squeeze to pull it out going forward. I'm not sure how they even got the truck wedged into that space to begin with! It was insane trying to get it out! After some very hairy maneuvering, he finally got it pulled out so we could test drive it. Now the fun begins!

I have never driven a truck this size and I was terrified! I drove it in the parking lot, but I had Larry drive it on the road first. We went down the road and found a place to turn around (mind you, you can't just pull into any old space to turn around). We had to go far enough to find a large parking lot to pull into. I decided I was going to try to drive it back. It was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. Driving with traffic around is nerve wracking, but I managed to do it. And we got back in one piece!

We pulled back into the lot and looked the truck over. I really liked it! It was very clean inside, it was a box truck like I wanted, and the price was right. Larry and I talked it over but we still wanted to have it checked out by a mechanic. was a Saturday and where would we find one to do that on a weekend, 2 hours away from our home?

Remember when I said I don't give up? Well...we just bought a truck! Larry wasn't very happy with me because I didn't wait to have it checked out, but it ran strong, it was in good shape and when on earth would we have time together to drive back 2 hours away to do all this again...with a mechanic in tow? We wouldn't. And I knew it. If we didn't buy it then, we wouldn't buy it ever. So we bought it!

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