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Now that I had the green light from my Husband to buy a truck, I searched high & low online for the right one. After weeks of searching for box trucks, step vans and uhauls, I finally found the perfect truck...a FASHION TRUCK...already set up and ready to go. I was excited to find it because it was perfect! AND the price was so reasonable! I told Larry about it, but he instantly shot it down. It was too much money he said. Yes, it was more than I said we would spend on a truck but it was a FINISHED truck! He didn't seem to understand that part of it. All he saw was the dollar amount we would be putting out for this truck, finished or not. :( I was so frustrated because I felt that he was not seeing this truck for what it was. So...we passed it up. 

More weeks went by and there just wasn't anything out there for a reasonable price and what was out there for a reasonable price needed way too much work. I was starting to think that this really was just a pipe dream. How was it that other people found these great trucks for so cheap and I couldn't find ANYTHING in my area? Everything that we came across was hours and hours away and I knew there was no way I was going to get my Husband to drive several hours just to look at a truck. Remember what I said earlier? He ALWAYS tells me NO so I knew driving long distance would be a waste of time anyway. Ugh...he is always such a roadblock!

If we lived on the East Coast, I'd find a truck for cheap! Fashion Trucks are growing in popularity over there, but here on the West Coast they are a relatively new concept in our area. The trucks that were for sale around here were upwards of $10,000...just for the truck alone! You could find a finished Fashion Truck for that price if I was in Florida! Can't we just fly over there, buy a truck and drive it back?! So...the search continued...

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