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I haven't had much of an update from the fabricator, but he did send me a few photos. The porch, awning & stairs have been made. The roll up door and lift gate were removed, and because the lift gate and back bumper were one unit, a brand new bumper had to be fabricated so he is currently working on that as you can see in the photo. He's filled in lots of holes left behind from the lift gate as well. The door frame has been made, the doors have been mounted and then removed again until all metal work is done. It will go in for painting next Monday and then all he has left to do is reassemble all of the parts onto the truck and he'll be able to bring it back home!!

Once it gets home, then it's our turn to start on the inside! We have laminate floors that need to be installed, wall & ceiling paneling to be put up, insulation to be installed, lights to be installed...oh man! Sounds like maybe I should hire someone for that too! Lol! 


The door frame has been built, holes filled in from the lift gate and bumper is being fabricated. It's coming together!

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