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​FINALLY! Whoo hoo! I finally found someone willing to create the doors and entrance to my truck for a reasonable price! Is this real? Is this happening?

After MONTHS of searching, I found a Welder to do the work so we negotiated the price and scheduled a time for him to pick up the truck. I bought the French doors for him to mount on the new door frame that he was going to create and he was scheduled to pick up the doors and the truck on Friday, Nov. 18th and work on it that weekend. He planned to have it back on the 23rd so we could start the buildout of the inside. Unfortunately, he had a family emergency and had to go out of town for the weekend, so he didn’t pick it up until the 22nd. Nope...not getting it back on the 23rd now! This project seemed like it was always getting delayed a week here & a week there.

Well, he was finally able to come and get the truck and it was finally on it's way to be transformed into a Mobile Boutique! I was so excited! The work was actually gonna get started, however, he wouldn’t get time to work on it until the weekend of December 3rd, but at least it was in his hands now. My Husband and I were leaving for Mexico for vacation on November 28th and wouldn’t be home anyway, so we were fine with him having it for the next couple of weeks. The Welder planned to have the work done and back to us the day after we returned from Mexico so that would work out perfect!

But…does anything happen the way it’s planned? Um…no! He was called in to work the ONLY weekend he had to work on the truck so he needed to have it for one MORE week. :( Ugh… the weeks keep going by and the holidays are passing us by too. I was SO hoping to get it done before Christmas to take advantage of the holiday sales. Now he is planning on delivering it to us on Wednesday, Dec. 14th....NEXT WEEK!!! YAY!!!

I know that things come up but I’m getting impatient…lol! I have a difficult time playing the waiting game. When I want something, I want it NOW. It’s a struggle for sure! He’s got all the parts made; now he just needs to paint the truck and assemble everything onto the truck. I’m so excited I can’t stand myself!! I'm just thrilled that I found someone willing to take on the job. I know I'm getting a deal with this guy because he's just starting his business so I am very grateful that he took the job. :)

Did I mention I can't WAIT till next week when we get the truck back???!!!

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