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Ugh…I just can’t seem to catch a break! After emailing back & forth with the Graphic Designer for a month, we finally came to the decision that he just doesn’t have time for a side job like mine so he is going to pass on the project. So…back to the drawing board…AGAIN. I understand people are busy, but I also have a timeline that I am trying to manage and I keep setting dates of when I want to be open and because I have to wait on this person or that person, my timeline keeps passing by, month after month after month. It’s very deflating. :( 

Oh…and did I mention that I’m STILL waiting on the fabricator to come back and finish the handrails and install the winch? Now he won’t have another day off until April 3rd! Another 3 weeks! Looks like I won’t be opening in April now either. This is just insane.

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