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Well it took a few more weeks to get the Electrician on the schedule, but we finally got him out here to work on the truck! He has all the wiring done and just needs to hook up the light fixtures and switches and we should have lights! 

Yesterday we picked up the rest of the wall panels and 1x2's (I have to say that I think I love the gray paneling we got. I think it's gonna look great along with the gray slatwall!). Now that we had everything we needed, my Husband and I got to work on installing the wall and ceiling panels (what I really mean is my Husband is working and I am handing him screws or holding panels in place…lol). We worked in the truck all day today and it was quite a frustrating day, to say the least. We had to get the framework up to attach the panels to in order for the Electrician to finish installing the outlets and we were having trouble trying to figure out how to attach the 1x2’s to the metal ribs of the truck. It was quite a struggle. We were using self-drilling metal screws and they were just stripping the metal. There was no way this was going to hold pegboard, let alone that heavy slatwall! Usually we would have studs to screw into, but in a truck, we don’t have that. We have to create our own “studs” to have something to hang the walls on and it just wasn’t working out. We got the ceiling studs in but the metal on the walls of the truck was too thin. There was nothing for the screws to grip to. We clearly had the wrong type of screws so back to Lowe’s we went. Have you ever been to the nail & screw isle at a hardware store? I mean seriously…is there really a need for THAT many different types of screws? Well I can tell you after this project that YES, YES there is! Because clearly not every screw is created equal and there is a different one for every job you do!

After spending an hour staring at screws at Lowe’s, we finally walked out of there with 3 boxes of screws…all different than the other. We had no idea which ones to get so we bought them all. Lol! I asked a sales associate which ones to get but he had no idea. Not many people seem to understand the concept of building a store inside a truck. It’s quite a challenge because although you are essentially building a room just like you would in a home, the structure is different and it poses many different challenges…like not having studs to work with. :)

Once we got home from Lowe’s, it was already dark and since we still don’t have lights yet, our work for the day was done. This was probably a good thing because I’d like to stay married and if I had to work out there with my Husband much longer, we may not be married for long! I love the man to death but he does NOT like to ask for help or directions or anything that could HELP him and he was driving me crazy! My philosophy is if you don’t know something…ASK! His philosophy is if you don’t know something…ponder it and stress out about it and mull it over until you still can’t figure it out! Ugh…men! I just don’t get them. Isn't that what YouTube is for???

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