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This week was a pretty productive week for the build out of the inside of the truck. The Electrician was out to finish the wiring and while he was there, he helped Larry hang the slatwall panels and pegboard so we now have walls! They figured out what type of screws to use, and go figure…it wasn’t ANY of the screws we bought at Lowe's! They ended up using masonry screws that the Electrician had on hand. So much for that wasted hour starring at screws in the screw isle at Lowes!

We decided that because the slatwall was so heavy and we really didn’t need slatwall to go to the bottom of the floor that we would use the gray paneling and I am so glad we did. It looks so awesome! I love the way it turned out. I think it adds a little visual interest and we aren’t going to hang merchandise on the floor anyway. The panels were much cheaper than slatwall too so that helped save us a few coins. J Well it’s starting to shape up nicely. Can’t wait to see what else we (by we, I mean my Husband) get accomplished this week!

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