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​After weeks of tormenting myself with trying to decide which image to use for the graphics on my truck, I think I finally made up my mind...I think! I found a Graphic Designer to recolor the image that I plan to use and I think it turned out really great so he has agreed to design the entire layout for me. He is the Editor & Graphic Designer for a business magazine in Salem so I think he will do a great job coming up with an overall design for the truck. I want it to be fun & whimsical and not too serious. After all, I sell $5.00 jewelry! I don’t want people to be afraid to come in and shop for fear that they can’t afford my product. He is on deadline for the magazine right now so it will be another week or so before he can start work on it, but I can’t wait to see what he comes up with! Then it’s off to the decal guy!

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