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​Well my truck passed the driving test so now it’s time for the fun part! Adding jewelry! Sara, one of my team members, and her daughters came over today to help set the pegs and the layout of the jewelry. It sounds like an easy task but it really isn’t! After planning how we would color block 16 different colors in 12ft of space, we began putting in the pegs. As we worked on a layout, we ran into the problem of hitting the wall studs with the pegs. Since we could only go up or down so much to fit all the different styles of jewelry (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.), we had to start over and move all the pegs up one peg hole. Once again, we started putting in the pegs. Then we ran into another stud and had to start over again after rearranging the layout…again. Like I said…it sounds like an easy task, but it’s not! It’s hard to get so much jewelry into this much space and be able display all colors and all styles! Despite the 15 times we redid the pegs, we finally got it set and look how cool it looks! Right now, I have only one of each color & style to set the layout, but soon enough this truck will be full of THOUSANDS of pieces of $5.00 jewelry! It’s a Paparazzi addict’s dream come true! Lol!

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