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The Designer I chose on initially came up with a great design idea, but I submitted images, font styles, virtually everything she needed to just lay out the design and she kept coming back with something totally different than what I asked for. Ugh. After 3 days of messaging back & forth, I finally told her to just finalize the order. It wasn’t perfect but it was close enough (finally) to what I wanted. Larry & I just got home from the hospital and I needed to focus on him so I just wanted this done. I had the vinyl guy waiting to get the file for my design so he can cut and install it on the truck. After we finally settled on the design, I sent the files over to him and he told me they weren’t vector files, which is what I paid to have done. So I had to message the designer AGAIN and she ended up charging me another $40 for the source files! Plus every message I got from her, she would solicit a tip! That was such a huge turn off for me! So…word to the wise. If you decide to use for any reason, be aware that they will solicit for tips and also make sure you know EXACTLY what you are getting BEFORE placing the order with them. This website is wonderful, BUT…not all sellers on there are created equal.

After submitting the design to the vinyl guy, he found that the source files were STILL not in vector format so he ended up having to recreate everything, but he was awesome! He actually fixed all the little things that I ended up settling on with the original designer because I was just not getting through to her with what I wanted. He fixed everything and made it perfect! We have him scheduled for the 31st to install them now! Whoo hoo! Finally!


The sides of the truck:

The sides of the truck


The back of the truck:

The back of the truck

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