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We are getting so close to being done with the inside! Larry is working on refinishing the checkout counter now. We decided to cover it with the same paneling we used on the walls. The gray looks great against the white pegboard. He is also building a custom top for it  so after cutting out a pattern with some old plywood, we went BACK to Lowe's to buy good quality plywood to make the custom top. (People are going to think we live there…lol!). I wish we didn’t have to buy an entire 4ftx 8ft sheet of it because it was quite expensive, but it was worth it I guess. 

So because he is creating a customer top, naturally he needs ANOTHER new tool to do the job…lol. He bought himself a new router to finish the edges of the counter top and I think it made all the difference in the world. It just looks finished with the decorative rounded edges. Boy what a mess that made though! I had to put up a tarp just to keep the majority of the dust it created from covering the entire inside of the truck!

I decided to paint the counter top white to offset the gray and pink but I still need to add a protective clear coat to the top so it doesn’t get scuffed up. He also added a little white trim on the corners and then we laid contact paper to the top of the original counter to give it a marble look. I love faux finishes! It gives the luxury look without breaking the bank! I think it looks wonderful!

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