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Well after many weeks of us working on the inside (by us, I mean my Husband…lol!), we are finally done with the build out! We added the trim to the cabinets so that it looks like one unit, we finished the checkout counter and even replaced the outlet covers with brushed nickel ones to match the light fixtures.

Larry finished everything off by bolting and securing all of the furniture in place so it is ready to go! Now for a test drive to make sure none of the walls fall off! We are still waiting for the fabricator to install a winch system because the porch is extremely heavy to lift, even with the 2 of us, but we got it up and latched into place for our first test drive. We drove it down the road, over bumps and around curves and corners everything remained in place! Yay! I figure if it can withstand my driving and everything is still intact…we are good to GO!

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