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Now that the walls are up, it’s time to paint and add the trim! I decided to paint the trim pink to add a splash of color to the stark white walls of the pegboard. It looks great against the gray walls too and just gives it a little interest. Since Paparazzi’s colors are pink & black, I had to incorporate the pink in there somehow!

Since the truck isn’t perfectly square, some of the wall panels didn’t quite line up perfectly so the trim will hide any imperfect edges so it is playing a dual role in the design of the truck. However, the trim has proven to be much more difficult to install than we anticipated. There are a lot of pieces and a lot of angle cuts to make to make it fit into the corners. It took a LOT of thinking and planning on how to install it. Of course Larry “needed’ a new nail gun to hang the trim so he got to play with his new toy while installing it. But hey…whatever it takes to make him happy while doing all this work! J And I have to admit, that new toy of his REALLY saved us a lot of time! It was well worth the money.
After a few miss-cut trim boards later, and a couple more trips to Lowes for new boards, we finally got all the trim hung. A couple of boards were cut at the wrong angle here or there, but all in all, it turned out pretty good!

I also found my chandelier and Larry installed it for me. I love it. I love the light pattern that it gives off and it looks just fancy enough but not too fancy! It was kitty approved!

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