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Whoo hoo! We have lights! Larry installed the track lights today and they look great! We went with 6’ lights to cover the majority of the merchandising space in the truck. The lights can be positioned to highlight areas as needed so they should supply enough light for everything. I am still trying to decide on a chandelier for the center light. I want something pretty but not too fancy.

I can’t believe how expensive lights are! Holy cow! The darn track lights were $135 EACH! Chandeliers are close to $100 for a small one and they just go up from there. Thankfully, I only need a small one because of the space I have to work with so we should be able to go with a less expensive one. I have to make sure it doesn’t hang too low because the ceilings are not very high in the truck. I sure don’t want people bumping their heads on my pretty lights!

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