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As the weeks went on, I continued to search for a fabricator to create the entrance to the truck. After all, we gotta be able to get into the truck somehow! So we were still on phase 1 of the project and we STILL couldn't find anyone to do the job. I had finally received a couple of other quotes, but they all came back around $3,500 or more. It was really looking like we were NOT going to be able to create the entrance I wanted. At this point, I would be happy with just stairs!

The weeks turned into a month and then two months and then the Fall weather came. We were already up against one roadblock with the fabrication of the entrance and now we'd hit another one. With the rain came leaks! Lots of them! Larry and I (mostly Larry), stripped and resealed all of the seals and everywhere else we could think of. That took care of many of the leaks, but there were still some that we couldn't find. There was NO WAY Larry was going to put money into this truck if we couldn't stop it from leaking.

We ended up taking the truck in to a trailer repair shop to have someone look at it to see if they could trace the final leaks that we couldn't find. They found where they thought it was coming from and we sealed that area too. It seemed to work so we continued to search for someone to do the fabrication. Larry FINALLY felt comfortable enough to move forward with the project. And the hunt continued to find someone to do the work for us. 

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