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​My Husband was a working machine this week! He got all of the walls put up AND he built all of the furniture too! Look how great these shelves look! He’s doing such an awesome job with this project. For a man with NO experience in this type of work, he is doing great. It hasn’t been without struggles, but he’s getting it figured out. Although he STILL hasn’t watched any YouTube videos! Lol!

So, with such a small amount of room to work with inside the truck, we need to utilize all the space we can so I decided to buy these large drawers from IKEA and use them as pedestals for my shelving unit. I am going to need storage for overstock items and display items and these are huge! It was difficult to find latches to mount to the drawers to keep them from coming open because the drawers are not flush with the top of the unit, so we went with baby latches inside the drawers. That way they are out of sight and won’t open as I’m driving.

When I first started planning my layout, I was looking for closet organizers and wall units for my shelving. I couldn’t find anything for a reasonable price or that had large drawers so I decided I would have to create my own wall unit. After buying the pedestal drawers, I found two 4-shelf bookcases and an 8ft laminate board for the top. We will add a piece of molding to the front on the top of the unit to tie it all together. The molding will hide the shelf that will be mounted to the top of the bookcases so it will look like one large wall unit.

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